2014 – 2020

Sviluppo della capacità dei servizi multimodali nell’area Adriatico – Ionica

The European Commission has launched a Freight Transport Logistic Action Plan (COM(2007) 607) that is proposing a series of measures to promote the freight transport logistics, make intermodal transportation more competitive, create a framework which will allow European ports to attract investment for their modernization, put maritime freight transport on an equal footing with other transport modes and review progress made in development of sustainable mobility. Based on that plan, project MultiAPPRO combines different approaches to reach most of the goals highlighted by the EC. Therefore, overall objective of the project is development of intermodal transport in Adriatic-Ionian region. The first approach is focused on systematic collection and providing solutions to all bottlenecks, both on national or regional level. Since White Paper (COM(2011) 144 final) of EC identifies promotion as one of the priority activities in transport development, the next approach innovatively and systematically performs promotion of the intermodal transport in the region and also creates a network of promotional centers. Furthermore, to assure high quality service, project will design specific port quality measures indicators. Investments in the transport infrastructure require exceptional financial means. These are capital projects, in which cost rationalisation is the key for the future competitiveness of that direction. MultiAPPRO project will thus create a model, that will be able to measure the effect of each new investment, in relation to the existing situation, in a simple and logical way. Hence, it will be possible to bring objective and rational decisions about future investments in intermodal infrastructure, in the area of the entire Adriatic-Ionian region. Given the above, project outputs include development of two supported transnational cooperation networks: 1) Intermodal Transport Network and 2) Promotion network as well as a SSS and MoS promotion action plan and a Transport Performance Strategy. Intermodal Transport Network will be composed of partner representatives, national authorities and experts working on activities to improve regional intermodal transport while Promotion network will encourage establishment of new Promotion Centres into coordinated work of already existing Centres within European Shortsea Network. Furthermore, SSS and MoS promotion action plan will serve as a strategic document for performing common promotion campaign and finally, Transport Performance Strategy will enable actors to define the effect of any investment by defining the strategy and action plan for future investments in the region.